Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little science on the fly

On a recent long lunch at the lake with our friends, we came across some unexpected science.


Immediately Cole was requesting that our next study be on snakes. Gulp. So we went to the library and checked out lots of snake books. We have been learning so much about snakes (sorry Grammy)! We found books with tons of amazing photos and interesting information. Each day we have read a book or two, reviewed fun new facts, discussed new vocabulary words we find in the books, and just for fun, made crafts I found by googling "snake crafts."

These were made from a paper plate.

These were made from old ties, stuffing, and coat hangers.

Then today we came upon more unexpected science. Apparently a bird or something grabbed a perch out of our pond and lost him as he flew away. The kids found the newly dead perch on the shore and wanted to dissect it.

And because I was off my game due to the stifling humidity, I couldn't come up with a reason why we shouldn't participate in this smelly activity, so we dug in. (I know, dug in, that was good, right?)

We investigated his mouth and how it expands, we propped it open and looked at the tongue and all of the teeth. We did some in depth eye exploration *shudder*. We neatly sliced the side of him open and found his air bladder. The air bladder is the pocket that allows the fish to be buoyant (among other things). And no, I certainly did not know this until today. And we marveled once again at God's creativity.

It was definitely gross. But fun! And it ended in a big water hose fight. You can't beat that.

This is the kind of natural learning that sticks with you!