Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why I'm nuts about it

One of my favorite things about home schooling is the sheer freedom that our family feels.

Freedom to teach what I want my kids to learn

Freedom to take more time to develop deep family relationships

Freedom for my kids to spend more quality time with friends

Freedom to let my kids spend as long as they want on a topic they love

Freedom to enjoy chatting over coffee in the mid-mornings with my kids

Freedom to do family activities late at night if we want to because we can start school a little later the next day

Freedom to ingrain morals, good character traits, and faith into my kids all day

Freedom to do our learning wherever we want. Inside, outside, friends’ house, or, whatever works

Freedom to be my kids’ main mentor all day

Freedom to allow my kids to spend plenty of time on their passions and hobbies

Freedom to give my kids an appropriate amount of work so they can still have time to play and act like kids

Freedom to go on vacation whenever is best for us

Freedom to allow my kids to work above their grade level and not get bored

Freedom to incorporate Biblical principles into our lessons

Freedom to set the standards instead of follow them


Kim Heinecke said...

Your enthusiasm makes me want to leave this blog up so my husband will "accidentally read it"...

Dea said...


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am Kelsey and Matthew's friend from WV, Carrie. We had dinner when I came to visit in Ok. I thought I was over the homeschooling idea in my head b/c it scares me! However, I think God may be calling our family in this direction. I haven't mentioned my feelings to my husband yet b/c I was praying that God would speak to him through someone or something. I think that thing is your blog. I can't wait to forward it to him. You have set forth those things that are in my mind and give a visual to the greatness of homeschooling. Thank you for this blog! It was great to meet you and your family. -Carrie

deleise said...

Carrie, will you email me? I don't have your address.