Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Educational Goals

These are the current goals David and I have laid out for our family. All of our educational plans are filtered through these goals. If what we are doing doesn’t line up with at least one of them, it gets tossed out. We see no point in wasting anyone‘s time!

We take academics extremely seriously, but we realize it is only part of a great education. Above all we want to pour love into our kids and help them grow spiritually and learn to follow God’s lead in their lives. We know he has amazing plans for them and we don‘t want them to miss a second of it. After that we want to…

-Provide a well-rounded liberal arts education

-Develop leadership skills

-Teach strong communication skills, both written and oral

-Incorporate art in every area we can

-Establish a desire to be life-long learners

-Create self-educated students who are able to find anything they need to know

-Teach social etiquette and respect for others

-Create skills for strong interpersonal relationships

-Develop personal finance skills

-Cultivate a passion for helping those in need

-Develop an appreciation of beauty: in art, people, literature, and nature

-Instill strong character traits

-Develop a Biblical-based world view

-Enrich character through exposure to great literature and inspirational people

-Provide an environment that encourages keeping family a top priority, our family and their future families

-Mentor our children to become exactly what God wants them to be

-Enjoy the moments, they are gone too fast!

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