Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cole's first writing- pre-kindergarten

This is the first sentence Cole ever wrote by himselfMy frog has spots. :)

Creative writing sample-Tyler

This is an unedited writing sample from a story Tyler is writing (4th grade)

“Sir, you may come in.” the nurse said to a man. The man walked into the delivery room.

Another nurse was standing by a bed in the room, on the bed was a woman covered in a blanket. In her hands there laid a messy, silent baby also wrapped in a blanket. The woman was smiling, looking at the man. The man smiled and walked over to the baby. Then he touched the newborn baby’s head softly.

Then the nurse said, “Let’s clean the blood off the baby and I’ll run some tests on him. And I’m curious about the way he acts. He’s not crying… a-and his, left leg… isn’t moving.

There was a long pause by every one in the room. “Um, I’ll go run some tests on him.” the nurse said smiling and trying not to get the others to worried.

“Yes, just stay here and we’ll be back soon.” the other nurse said gently grabbing the baby from the woman. The two nurses walked out of the room quickly.

Outside the room, the two nurses stopped walking and a nurse said “You know what? I’m not sure but I think he’s paralyzed… the baby I mean.”

“That is just what I was thinking that too” said the nurse holding the baby. “Because he hasn’t moved his left leg. And he has moved his right leg a lot.

Humorous Writing sample-Tyler

Tyler loves to do humorous creative writing. Here is a sample from one of his stories (4th grade).

“Wake up Jason! Today they are starting to build the house!” said Jason’s sister Amy.

Jason and Amy are ants… uh, yeah, talking, ants. And they have a huge ant family of two hundred eighty s-. Um, I was going to say 287 but a few of the ants just got stepped on. So now there are 284 ants.

You are probably thinking who’s gonna plan the funeral, and stuff like that. Well, just in case you MIGHT NOT BE AN ANT! The ant family has relatives die every day. Actually about twenty to thirty ants die a day. It’s normal, not that they don’t care about the ants, it’s just that they don’t have the time for funerals and stuff like that. But yes, they do get sad… of course.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Riding Rocky

During the Cowboy section of our Oklahoma History Unit we learned about horses. A sweet friend invited us out to learn more about them and to ride. We learned so much about horses and got to prepare Rocky for riding. It was so much fun! Rocky really made me want a horse.

Getting snowcones after a hot afternoon of riding.

When Life is School

Written January 2008

Some days life is just more educational than academics. Last week one of those days happened to us.

Our life group has befriended a family that needs occasional help and we got a call from them. They had nothing to eat. Literally. As in they had just fed their children the last package of Ramen noodles. When I say “We have nothing to eat” what I mean is “We don’t have the right brand of Romano cheese to top our chicken Ceasar salads, now everything is ruined and I am ticked so let’s order a pizza.” They had nothing to eat.

So, thanks to the leadership of my compassionate friend, we scrapped history and math for the afternoon and headed out with our buddies to shop for the family and deliver it to their house.

Although I don ’t know the extent of the effect the day had on my kids, the things they learned showed on their faces. And their giving humbled me.

Not much was accomplished academically. Lessons were more along the lines of empathy, generosity, gratefulness, and all that is associated with the humbleness brought on when joining with someone in desperate need.

Lessons like what a blessing it is to never have to worry about necessities.

And how for some reason, food looks completely different when you are packing it into the empty fridge of someone who has nothing.

And how we are so incredibly spoiled.

At least that‘s what I learned.

Some days I get smacked in the face with an education.

Those days are good.

4 Him Ministries

We went with some friends to the 4 Him Ministries office to help sort medical supplies for an African mission trip to an orphanage. We watched some videos and learned about the orphanage and village our friend was going to visit, then we got the supplies ready to go.

Tyler was a little afraid of the skin stapler.

Morning breaks of happiness

Decaf+sugar+flavored creamer=HAPPINESS 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oklahoma's first capitol

We went to Guthrie, Oklahoma's first capitol with some friends. We saw where the people in the Land Run went to get their deeds. We ate in a restaurant that was in a building built the year of the land run. We took a tour of the city on a trolley. We went to a museum, and we just walked around the and had a fun time exploring this cute, historic town.

Harn Homestead Land Run 2008

We spent a couple of weeks learning about the Oklahoma Land Run, then ended with a trip to the Harn Homestead Land Run Day.

Learning how to set up camp.

Trying out the Old Fashioned Games

Everyone was supposed to be looking mean in this picture.

Runnin' for land!

Olympic night for Co-op 2008

I loved these action shots my friend took of Riley and Cole.

Eating bugs

At co-op in Insect Class Riley and Cole ate a chocolate-covered cricket and a chocolate-covered larva. Cole actually ate about 5 of them. Ew.
This is not a real insect. Yuck! It's a giant chocolate in the shape of a bug. That was Cole's dessert after he ate the real insects.

Cowboy posters

Eating a rainbow 2008

In Healthy Snacks class at co-op we learned how to make fruit rainbows on a stick, granola, zucchini brownies, smoothies and lots of other great snacks that are good for you.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Edmond History Museum

This museum is full of hands on activities and lots of history about Edmond and Oklahoma.

Riley was so excited about seeing all of the Shannon Miller stuff.