Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bee Tree and Septemberfest

Last week Riley and Cole did Five in A Row's The Bee Tree. We learned about everything from the life cycle of bees, to the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan, to onomatopoeia, to analogies, and lots in between!

To finish off our book, I wanted to make some honey treats and go to a bee farm. I called a bee farm and found out they would be at Septemberfest. Septemberfest opened up a whole new experience for us! If you haven't been, it's free and amazing. They have all kinds of exhibits, living history actors, inflatables, and lots of other activities on the Governor's lawn. It was a great time!

Making Peanut butter honey balls

The bee exhibit at Septemberfest. They told us all about harvesting honey.

A chuck wagon!

Waiting in line to tour the Governor's mansion...
Their dining room

Their Oklahoma shaped swimming poolThe panhandle is a hot tub.

Tyler and George Washington Carver

Sawing logs
Everyone got to milk a cow!

Petting Kim Henry's dog
It was a great day!


Sue said...

Looks like fun!! I looked for you on a tv report about this.

Kelsey said...

How cool! We need to take the boys next year.