Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catalog Math

Last night when Cole was supposed to be asleep, he was in bed looking through his new Lego catalog, adding up what it would cost to buy everything listed. He is a bit obsessed with all things Lego.

This gave me a great idea today. I am going to make word problems for him to do using his Lego catalog. By doing these problems he will not only be practicing math, but he will have to use reading and problem solving skills as he looks for each item and reads through the descriptions to get information.

The options are endless, and you could even work in shipping costs and tax.

Here are some of the questions I have come up with so far.

-If you lined up the Police Helicopter, Police Boat, and Police Station, how many inches of space would you need?

-What would it cost to order 4 Ninja Training Outposts?

-If you had $35 and you ordered the Log Cabin, how much would you have left?

-What is the total number of pieces in the Tower Bridge and Fire Brigade?

-If you stacked King's Castle and Outpost Attack on top of each other, how tall would it be?

-If you had $300 and you ordered Diagon Alley and Rockefeller Center, how much would you have left?

You get the idea. I think I will do the same with the American Girl catalog for Riley.

It's an easy way to teach higher level thinking and real life application!


Kim Heinecke said...

You're awesome.

cissa said...

How cool! Now I am sad that I threw away the lego catalog yesterday! :(

Janna Goodwin said...

you are AWESOME!!

Sue said...

Good plan girl.

Valerie said...

Sweet! I did something like that with football stats this year. Capitalize on that obsession, I say!

Janna Goodwin said...

you are AWESOME!!

Heather said...

THIS is why I keep checking here! Blog MORE! : )

Heather said...

Uh Deleise...that was meant in the most genuine of stances.

I know you're busy. It's just that...your school is so cool!