Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Polar Express Day

Today we are having our annual Polar Express Day. It's the perfect dreary, freezing day for it! We are even expecting some snow.
The kids slept in a little this morning and were awakened with a ticket to Polar Express Day and a snowball breakfast.
The snowballs are powdered sugar donuts. And those don't happen often around here for breakfast, so there was much happiness and joy at the breakfast table this morning.

PJs are a requirement for Polar Express Day.

As are all the blankets and pillows we can find, to pile up on the couch and floor and watch one of our favorite Christmas movies, The Polar Express.
Garrett is faking. I hadn't even turned on the movie yet.

After the movie, we made homemade hot chocolate. We used the recipe on the side of the Hershey Cocoa box. It will make you want to weep with joy.

For the rest of the afternoon we will be staying in our PJs and blankets and playing board games. We'll also be reading some books from our Christmas book basket.

And we may be doing it by candlelight because the lights keep flickering. I'm scared. I'm very scared. I like my electricity.

Happy Polar Express Day everyone!


Marcie said...

Oh, I love it, I love it!!! So much fun! I spent the day in my jammies too, but I was cleaning and finishing my Christmas decorations, so I know I did not have as much fun as you.
(I remember that Hershey cocoa recipe... didn't we make that when we were both at SWOSU... with a touch of almond extract...)

Nicole Knox said...

How fun, I want to come over=) Breakfast looks good!!!

deleise said...

I think we did make that recipe, Marcie!

Come on over Nicole, there are still some snowballs left!

Heather said...

We're going to try this Saturday for half a day!

I have to tell you though that Alton Brown has a screaming hot cocoa recipe that my husband keeps on hand at all times.

I'll have to share it when I post about our day. Would you believe our grocery store did not have powdered donuts? What is up with that?


erin said...

Love all the Christmas ideas! We're gonna do the Polar Express Day too thanks to you!